Who is tavia yeung dating


Find out more about their tumultuous journey in love.

The leading couple of The Hippocratic Crush I and The Hippocratic Crush II are top Hong Kong stars Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung.

Her 11 bridesmaids, including actresses Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu and Selena Li, did not hold up the ceremony by making things too difficult for the band of brothers.

After reading aloud a declaration of love, the groom was allowed to pick up the bride, who wore a two-piece Chinese wedding dress with 3D embroidered dragons and phoenixes.

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Another pair, Tavia Yeung and Him Law, also attended the dinner together.


They then returned to the hotel for the wedding reception.

Griselda is now also a TVB actress on both TVB Jade and TVB 8.

As the leading lady in Twin of Brothers, starring alongside Raymond Lam and Ron Ng, she became increasingly popular across both the Chinese mainland and overseas.

The dress featured 3D embroidery, with golden dragon and phoenix motifs to symbolize fortune and great favour.

She made a grand entrance at the reception in a white gown from Ersa Atelier.

As 9 is a lucky number in Chinese culture (it means “long-lasting”), Tavia and Him each had 9 bridesmaids and groomsmen.



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