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She was featured in Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic and also on the song You Got Me.

She has collaborated with several celebrities and musical stars like DJ Clue, Dru Hill, Nokio the N Tity for her musical credits.

In the days following Tom’s death, Shane was warned to keep away from Tom’s funeral, even receiving threats from the family warning him not to show up.

Tom’s family refused to acknowledge his partnership with Shane and never even mentioned Shane in his eulogy despite the boys having lived together blissfully for several years.

will return on Tuesday the 31st of May 2016, when Sony will release the first three episodes of season 2 online for American Play Station-owning audiences.

It remains to be seen when these new episodes will reach British shores, as season 1 is only making its debut on this side of the Atlantic – via the Freeview channel Spike - on Friday the 13th of May 2016.

The Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance pre-season press is an exciting time and already there is so much juicy info to take in, but in what is a Survivor first – we have the castaways opening up about their Survivor Second Chance Pre-Game Alliances.

The interviewed the 20 second chancers before filming and openly asked them about the pre-gaming, and some of the returnees were very forthcoming, in particular, Jeff Varner.

Had Shane and Tom been allowed to marry, the decisions on their joint belongings and funeral arrangements would have been Shane’s.

"To have someone of that calibre to have a quick word with, I'm feeling confident at the moment." Zampa defended skipper Steve Smith's decision to hold him back until the 35th over against Bangladesh, saying the presence of two left-handers at the crease meant part-time off-spinner Travis Head was a far more suitable option during the middle overs.



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