Vogts fractionation method dating

There have been concerns that the technique could be misused because it could harm a woman’s psyche – temporarily OR permanently.Therefore, it has been argued that the fractionation technique should only be confined to those who are deemed to be “responsible” enough to use it only for good.


You can’t just walk up to a woman and start saying things to get her emotions going!Most of the psychoanalytic literature after Jones and Anzieu takes for granted that Freud’s self-analysis was triggered by a personal reaction to his father’s death, guided by the author’s own acknowledgment in the preface to the second edition of his book.In this preface, Freud declared that significance, especially in relation to other contemporary techniques of self-observation in academic or clinical psychologies.That doesn’t sound simple at all, but read on, and we’ll elaborate.


The purpose of this process is to trigger a mini emotional roller coaster that will confuse her emotions toward you.

In Jones’s book, every chapter indicates in its heading the exact period of time it covers ; the only exception being the chapter devoted to Freud’s self-analysis.



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