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Most centers will accommodate walk ins, without an appointment.The CIBTvisas global team of travel visa and passport specialists is committed to providing our customers and clients with the highest level of personal attention and professional service.Some centers may require that you contact them first to make an appointment through them.You cannot make an appointment for this through your GOES account or calling the help center.

Once logged into your GOES account, click on "Update Documents" on left hand side of the page.

If you already have a passport, it will be cancelled and must be submitted with your application. Are you also submitting an application for your child?

Find out how to apply for a passport for your child.

Find a passport office or a receiving agent (Service Canada or Canada Post) closest to you.

Note: Canada Post charges an extra fee plus applicable taxes.

If you need your passport within the next 20 days, you need to apply in person at one of the Passport office locations.



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