Updating mpd database who is troy dating

Illegal Argument Exception: Comparison method violates its general contract! Comparable Tim Sort.merge Lo(Comparable Tim Sort.java:740) 03-31 .218 13396 13470 E Android Runtime: at

Comparable Tim Sort.merge At(Comparable Tim Sort.java:477) 03-31 .218 13396 13470 E Android Runtime: at

Comparable Tim Sort.merge Force Collapse(Comparable Tim Sort.java:418) 03-31 .218 13396 13470 E Android Runtime: at

So I moved all m4a files out of my music directory and then it started crashing on certain mp3 files.

have...updating files in database Hi, In the past, to update information in a database I read in all current records into a dataset (saw this done in an example somewhere), created a table from the dataset and then did a: Data Row new Row = my Data Table. All my database calls work perfectly (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE) except the update.

Mpd (latest version from repositories, Ubuntu 14.10) crashes when refreshing the database.

MPDConnection.parse MPDArtists(MPDConnection.java:864) 03-31 .218 13396 13470 E Android Runtime: at org.mpdservice.mpdprotocol.

Album Artists(MPDConnection.java:1188) 03-31 .218 13396 13470 E Android Runtime: at org.mpdservice.handlers.serverhandler.

Most of what I'm seeing online is referencing an older version of mpd were you could use the --update-db function, which appears to have been removed from the newer version of mpd. The lack of music players on linx is the only reason I've stated away from it for so long, so if I can get this working, I'll be pretty happy.



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