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JAXB defines an architecture for binding XML schemata to Java objects.These bindings allow you to unmarshal XML documents into a hierarchy of Java objects and marshal the Java objects into XML with minimal effort.I have an XML Schema which I have used with xjc to create my JAXB binding. Unfortunately it also doesn't complain when the XML is not well formed.I cannot figure out how to do proper full validation against the schema when I try to unmarshall an XML file.In this respect i am unsure how you can create a general validating mechanism unless you keep a map of known JAXB class to Schema instance. We have resolved this issue without needing to maintain a map of JAXB classes.You will have to create the Schema instances from the correspondingly available XSD, more info can be found here [1]. We implemented a Validation Event Collector, and set this to handle validation events coming from the unmarshaller.These three aspects of JAXB are covered by three separate interfaces.Instances of those interfaces can be created from a object so that it is capable of managing the schema derived interfaces.

Unmarshaller Impl.create Unmarshal Exception(Unknown Source) at xml.v2.runtime.unmarshaller.

To unmarshall an XML document from a String you need to use the unmarshal method with the Input Source parameter and you had to use the constructor with a String Reader, because the constructor Input Source(String) has the meaning, that the argument is the URL of a file being loaded, not the actual file.



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