Switzerland dating marriage


So Swiss brides and grooms marry at a registry office and obtain proper documents and decide over their Swiss marriage ceremony.

Many Swiss brides opt for a civil ceremony followed by a party but church weddings are still popular.

Wedding Switzerland is an experience with customs intact and provides an atmosphere charges with fun, music and entertainment.



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It is said that the "love vein" in the ring finger has direct access to the heart and will allow romance to flourish in the marriage.

The Swiss don‘t have a tradition of hen parties, so there‘s less danger of everything getting smashed to pieces in the Alpine region.

I love to go to the beach mountains r just sitting at home and being with my family and friends Back home in Stockholm: ) Hoping to find someone compatible to myself.

I am an open book, but you will have to want to read Good, obedient, love adventures Love family, shopping, travelling.I like to spend my free time with friends outdoors.



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