Sheree dating

As of April 2013, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the highest rated installment of the franchise as well as the most-watched series on the Bravo network.

The Atlanta ladies are back in the drama-filled second season premiere.

“You haven’t done anything in 10 years since we separated.” Following backlash over his subtle admission, Bob turned to Straight From The A, where he issued an “apology” for making light of a very hurtful situation. I made trivial the abuse of HER in front of the world. I allowed truth, comedy and conjecture to convey an image of myself that I would never condone. My humility now is true to the pride that I take of holding HER to the highest esteem as mother or as wife, as confidant or as [a] friend . Humble and Highest Regards, Bob” Will this man’s ghostwriter please stand up?

Gilliams, dressed in a dark suit and dark tie, said little during the proceeding, except to thank God and his family friends and parishioners for their support.

Several dozen submitted letters of support to the court prior to the sentencing.

Recently taking on her newest role as "Momager," Shereé is busier than ever as she supports Kairo in his dreams of becoming a model.

Shereé is committed to a rigorous daily fitness regimen and maintains her status as a sophisticated woman on the Atlanta social scene.

Kim decides she wants to design a line of wigs, and gets the ball rolling by going to cosmetology school.


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    For instance, here’s one for all of the girls and boys of summer out there – inimitable Beach Hunters!

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