Sametime status not updating

For example, if you select multiple issues with different workflows, you can only transition them in groups with the same workflow, and one group at a time.

The restrictions are explained further in the relevant sections.

Since you can roll out a configuration change to all of your servers at once, it is easy for that change to break all of your servers at once.

To deploy this change to all of our servers we can run a highstate from the master that targets every server.Configuration management and automation tools like Salt Stack are great, they allow us to deploy a configuration change to thousands of servers with out much effort.However, while these tools are powerful and give us greater control of our environment they can also be dangerous.Let's imagine for a second that we are running a cluster of 100 webservers.

For this webserver cluster we are using the following nginx state file to maintain our configuration, ensure that the nginx package is installed and the service is running.

This bulk operation allows you to move multiple issues at the same time.


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