Salsa dating uk

according to Latin music promoters such as Andy Wood, who puts on La Linea every year.

Spring is here, and if you’re feeling down in the dumps about your single status, then look no further.

His brother Charles and cousin Darren Reeve are due to head to Malaga to lay family flowers at the scene of the death smash and arrange for his body to be sent home.

Mr Wright's friends have paid tribute to him on social networking site Facebook.

Now living in Mumbai, she began her career with a dance company in Bangalore.

It was the beginning of a career that embraced different dance forms like salsa, Bachata, merengue, Jive, hip-hop, adagio and Bollywood.

One, Robert Saunders, said: "I can still picture him when he was just getting into salsa – happy enthusiastic and full of fun.

"It was obvious he was going to become a good dancer but more than that it was immediately clear what a great person he was." Another friend, Fintan Lawler, added: "Lee was a truly fantastic person, his love of life, fun and dance was infectious." Mr Wright's friends are planning a charity dance-off to raise funds to help Lee's grief-stricken family with funeral costs.


They clapped to the clave uninvited, ran down to sway their hips and were in fully-fledged salsa heaven before the first song.

Whatever you’re into, our resident dating expert Charly Lester has found something to put the spring back into your step!


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