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Stuart Hawkes made history by becoming the first British winner of the event with a finishing time of two hours 27 minutes and 36 seconds.

The Great Run Company presents the largest, most compelling and innovative series of mass participation running events in the world. The baggage tag on their bib number is your collection receipt. ENTER NOW Please respect the course and associated road closures and do prepare for any weather. Please view the Event Village map under the Race Day tab. Surrey's largest closed-road 5km Large gold medal for finishers Starts under the main half marathon gantry Follows lead electric BMW car Features the best parts of the half marathon Suitable for those aged 10 ENTER NOW Your child should be at the Kids’ Hub at for their warm up.Running, climbing, art and film will all feature in a varied schedule that brings some of the UK’s biggest names in outdoor adventure to the Theatre by the Lake on 9 and 10 June.

The high profile line-up will include Sir Chris Bonington, Nicky Spinks and Jasmin Paris, Alan Hinkes OBE and Terry Abraham, and Andy Beck. Our first event, The Great North Run was first staged in 1981 and this annual UK half marathon is now officially the biggest in the world.


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