Robert plant is dating

Most of the other artists who have been at this for 40-plus years seem to have run out of gas.What is it that you’re doing right, and why have the other guys lost it? The company I keep is very empowered, humorous, creative, and energetic, and there’s an enjoyment in stretching the parameters of what we do.It’s clear that their relationship went beyond the music, as Plant’s stories from his surprise performance at John Bonham‘s little sister’s gig will tell.Last week, Robert Plant surprised the crowd at one of Deborah’s gigs when he took over her set for a couple songs.

The Led Zeppelin singer's publicists insist they know nothing of any nuptials, but stories about a top secret ceremony have started circulating online.This well known country singer was born in Decatur, Illinois, USA as Alison Maria Krauss.


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