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If all that fails, for some reason or another, she can always tell stories about her mom trying to make reservations at a Chipotle in Boston.

Rachel Dratch (born February 22, 1966) was an SNL castmember.

That is an increase of 29% in the demo compared to last week and a 12% increase in total viewers.

All but one other episode of the series have seen a drop in both measures week-to-week.

The cast of ABC’s new midseason sitcom “Imaginary Mary” works well together: Jenna Elfman plays a successful owner of a PR agency who isn’t afraid of much in life… The chemistry among all five actors is vibrant and light — and as the adults on set, Elfman and Schneider put their comedy backgrounds to good use.

But in a comedic twist, she falls for Ben (Stephen Schneider), a charming divorcee who happens to come with three kids.

We're talking Lemonade, Thelma and Louise, Sofia Coppola, Salman Rushdie, and more!The series is based on a 2009 cult film and blaxploitation spoof of the same name.Michael Jai White, who co-wrote and starred in the film, lends his voice to the animated Black Dynamite.We’ll open up questions from the audience in the latter part of the interview, so get your questions ready!

”, Dratch should have no shortage of material to discuss.

“Imaginary Mary” was up in both key measures on Tuesday night, with the freshman ABC comedy experiencing its biggest lift since it premiered back in March.



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