Playstation 3 updating slow


I have not been playing it for a while, but now i am playing for the end game DLC.

So like a console gamer, i popped the game in to find myself at an update screen (version 1.09).

So i said "no biggie, i will just go do something else while i wait", little did i know the update is 2GBs (15min download). However, once it got to the 14% mark..install comes to a complete halt and gave me an error, with an option to look at "suggested actions".

I have never had a problem like this when installing an update, so this is all new to me.

If you’ve attempted to download the digital version of Batman: Arkham Knight or that dirty great big The Elder Scrolls Online patch, you’ll probably have noticed.


Please keep an eye on this thread for updates." Are you experiencing slow download times, regardless of your internet speed?

Can someone please help me, i have tried several different ways, nothing has worked so far, and i am still getting the exact same error.

I bought the DLC and i can not even play it, because of this update that does absolutely nothing vital from what i heard.

I think this is progressively slower with each episode I watched and my patience ran out after watching 4 shows each time.

To be clear this is not the playstation itself becoming slower; pressing the PS3 button responded immediately and I was able to close the Plex app. This issue only seems to have appeared as of the latest (2.4.19) release.

We wonder if Play Station 4 users in different parts of the world are getting different results. It's about time, download speeds have been horrible for a while now and I know it's not my connection because that's pretty fast.


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