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‘Green infrastructure doesn’t have to stop at the door. The benefits of green space, no matter how small, are powerful and well documented.’ They decided to turn the ticket office into a mini spot of green space, called the Tiny Park at St James’s Park.

The ticket office has two windows on either side of the barriers, which are now filled with mirrored grow units that let people peek inside to see tiny tropical plants. The design took a year to come to life, with careful consideration of the best plants to do well in the location.

The chilly event began in 2002 in the US, when seven men threw off their trousers and rode the New York subway for a prank.

Others remarked on social media about the bizarre sight.

However, some commenters were concerned for the woman rather than the pizza and asked if anyone had checked to see if she was alright. However, the overwhelming theme of the comments was certainly about the takeaway with one person summing it all up by saying: 'What I want to know is where do you get pizza at 8am?

Some pointed out that the tube now runs all night on certain lines, so there's no telling how long she'd been on there for.

But one woman's apparent attempt to stave off a thumping headache went askew when she fell asleep on a London tube, leaving the pizza she'd bought to escape from its box on to the floor.

Tf L went to The Edible Bus Stop to ask them what they fancied doing with a former ticket office, which sits right under their headquarters at 55 Broadway.


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