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The walls aren't there to confine the dead, but to keep out the living – people whom Liberian society has forgotten who inhabit its crumbling tombs."There was a body there, but I took it out and threw it away," says Junior Toe.

A veteran tomb dweller, as those occupying the cemetery are known, he has lost count of his years living among the dead.

Ebola kills indiscriminately and is contracted through bodily fluids. But before 2003, it was pictures of slaughtered families and child soldiers that flooded the media during the country's 14-year civil war.

Speaking to the Daily Observer at the end of the week-long meetings last Thursday, Lowe said Liberia is an ideal environment for business and that the company’s commitment to help in the development drives of each African country has made it more compelling for ACTIVA to strengthen its operations in Liberia.


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