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My meeting with the actor-director-screenwriter-poet-author-artist-musician James Franco starts awkwardly. “If they make you uncomfortable they can leave.” OK, I say, that would be great.When I arrive at our “one-on-one” interview, in a subterranean room of a hotel in Pasadena, California, there are half a dozen people present, at least three of them lined up against a wall opposite Franco with their camcorders pointing at him. Feeling like I am in some typically weird Franco experiment, I ask what they are doing. He gives them a nod and they snap shut their camcorders.April 2006 - Present James Franco and Ahna O'Reilly began seeing each other in 2006.While the couple remain tight-lipped about their relationship, they continue to appear together at red carpet events.They brawl in a stone-walled chamber, as gamblers in waistcoats and top hats cheer them on, like .


In the latest episode, released two days before her death, the actress revealed her grandfather died Thursday.Franco persuaded Camilla Belle and Summer Phoenix to star as asylum inmates, essentially as favors to him; family and friends of the production are helping out as extras.There's no armada of climate-controlled Star Waggons out front; no brigade of PA's.James - who has been studying at Yale University, New York University, Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, Brooklyn College and Columbia University - told the new issue of Playboy magazine: "It's over. We'd been living together in Los Angeles and then came to New York to go to school for two years. I think that was it for her." James admits he hasn't had much luck with women, particularly when he was at school because he was so "shy and awkward". She kind of got over me, but we got back together at the beginning of junior year and dated for two years. "I think girls liked me, but I was awkward, shy and emotionally immature, so I didn't have a ton of girlfriends.


Asked when he lost his virginity, he said: "In high school with my girlfriend. We are here to talk about his latest film, Oz the Great and Powerful – in which he plays Oscar Diggs, a pre-Dorothy Wizard of Oz. Perhaps best known for playing Peter Parker’s friend in Spider-Man, Franco first rose to fame with the cult television series Freaks and Geeks.



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