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But new research by Mannes points to a somewhat radical solution to the problem — one that directly contradicts a growing number of hair replacement services, growth serums and other products that promise to produce a robust mane. Specifically, men with shaved heads were viewed as more masculine and dominant than other men.But it doesn’t end there: Two of the experiments showed that such men were perceived as taller (by an inch, on average) and stronger (that is, seen as being able to bench press 13% more) than those men who were well-coiffed.Would women who weightlift be hornier because of higher testosterone?Or would women born with big breasts and ass (fat in the right places but she doesn't weightlift) be hornier because of higher estrogen/fertility?Quentin Crisp once defined an existentialist as someone who shaves his head when he begins to lose his hair. In 1988, Senator Gore, running in the New York primary, addressed a breakfast meeting in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where I observed him from the balcony reserved for reporters. The person who tipped me off to this process was Al Gore.


I prefer very short hair because you don't get all sweaty and gunky and it requires virtually zero maintenance. Not so much nowadays, as a lot of people go with that look, including athletes and businessmen.

They were also viewed as having greater potential as leaders.

“The broad take-away is that perceptions about leadership and related traits like dominance can emerge from peculiar characteristics that aren’t really related to leadership at all,” says Mannes.

"They were a little more standoffish and, in some cases, deferential, and I was surprised by that." A number of studies have examined the characteristics that lead people to perceive dominance, from height and posture to eye color (brown, apparently, is more dominant than blue).

Most of these traits are fixed, Mannes said, but hair is particularly interesting because it's malleable.Would go shave it off if that didn't require regular shaves and have nasty associations. Is it 100% down to nazi skinheads or are there older cultural forces at play? But there's also something about close-shaved hair that reminds me of an aggressive dog with it's hackles up.


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