Intimidating shout macro target microsoft forefront client security not updating definitions


Shield swap, Defensive Stance if you're in Battle or Berserker, and Shield Wall, mash the macro two or three times until you get Shield Wall.

Heroic Throw Charge: /cast Heroic Throw /cast Charge This is a simple but effective macro, it adds a little extra damage before you charge (Depending on what your crit is). If you dont like it, then have a little mess around with it, maybe: /cast Battle shout /cast Berserker rage /cast Heroic throw /cast Charge Or maybe even try other things.

last updated: Feb 9, 17 This macro allows you swap between shockwave and storm bolt without having to drag the ability onto your bar.

This macro also enables a stop watch to track the dimnishing return of the stun you're using incase you don't want to play with addons and want to manually track your diminishing returns.

Sup guys, As a title says can someone help me with pvp(arena). I have no clue how to start using macros or how to setup them.

Could you share yours macros or could try to explain me how to setup them and etc. I currently use these, as a PVE player.#showtooltip charge/cancelaura Bladestorm/cast charge#showtooltip Colossus Smash/cast Colossus Smash/cast focused rage#showtooltip Battle Cry/cast Avatar/cast Battle Cry/cast Execute/use 12#showtooltip Battle Cry/cast Avatar/cast Battle Cry/cast Mortal Strike/use 12#showtooltip avatar/cast battle cry/cast avatar/use 12#showtooltip Battle Cry/cast Battle Cry/use 12The /use 12 is for my ring, which has a damage proc (from Karazhan). The use of these multiple macros is so that I can press MS or Execute after popping my cooldowns without any possible delay, to make sure I maximise their uptime.

It also causes up to 5 additional enemies within 8 yards to flee in fear for 8 seconds.

I also have a 2nd keybind for CS to use when I don't want FR to be used at all.#showtooltip Charge/cancelaura Bladestorm/cancelaura Blessing of Protection/use Charge/use Hamstring For Pv P and Pv E.

When at range it'll Charge, when in melee it'll Hamstring.

last updated: Feb 9, 17 If you're ever bladestorming and need to cancel it to pummel your current target, this macro allows you to do so without having to first manually cancel your bladestorm and then use your pummel.

This macro can also be great for pummeling unsuspecting healers that think you're not going to pummel them because you're bladestorming.(Tested in 4.0) This macro will cast Charge in Battle Stance, Intercept in Berserker Stance and Intervene in Defensive stance if your target is friendly.


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