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Or maybe, like me, you first heard their music on a popular episode of The X-Files that also featured famous young actors Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black. Some hilarious lyrics in here if you listen close, especially on "Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government)." Other classics include "Wanna Be Manor" and "The Legend Of Pat Brown." Not much else to say. If you've heard early Bad Religion or Agent Orange, you know what to expect. Interestingly, only the drummer stuck around longer than a few more years. Why can't we force band members to stay in their bands???? But what really stands out about the tape is (A) the way Stevo wastes his obvious charisma and confidence as a punk rock frontman by telling unbelievably lame, gross jokes the ENTIRE TIME, and (b) the excitement of an '80s hardcore show! I'd say five or six, but Stevo basically ruins this thing, especially on "Hocus Pocus" and "Ghost Riders In The Sky." INSTRUMENTAL SONGS DO NOT NEED VOCALS. (and usually fast) he six-song debut, classic among certain punkers! Why are the Atlanta Braves still called the Atlanta Braves when they don't even have Al "The Mad Hungarian" Hrabosky on the team anymore???? We don't even have George "The Crazy Dicklicker" Washington anymore!!! It's like eating an apple pie and finding a big hairy cock in the middle!!! [email protected](JJ) hey Mark, you didn't mention that a line from "anarchy burger" was mentioned in that Vin Diesel movie Triple XXX when he's in that communist/ russian ice bar and says" remember that old punk song about walking into a deli and urinating on the cheese" it fuckin drove me crazy, like "its triggering somthing, but im not sure what, i know ive heard that somewhere? Plus, the "humorous" lyrics aren't funny, and they're all repeated about 500 times in each song. At fault is probably original singer "Stevo," who makes EVERYTHING sound like a dumb gag. Quite frankly, this just wasn't the most intelligent line-up the band ever had.When I was first getting into the whole "non-rap/rnb/dance" scene, I would hang out with a friend of mine, and we'd listen to the Nitro compliation release "Punkzilla" constantly, and it was then I first heard bands I am now very fond of, such as AFI, Guttermouth and The Vandals. " persuaded me to run out and buy "Look What I Almost Stepped In". Their loveable pop-punky charm and humour, fast two-minute songs and Warren Fitzgerald were a perfect combination. Bassist Joe is nothing special in all honesty, and was the Vandals' drummer when they first started out. There's something about his voice that I love, but I don't know what it is.They have the power to make everyone leave their shows with a smile upon their faces. The infamous Josh Freese, who has drummed with Guns n' Roses, A Perfect Circle, and on The Offspring's latest album "Splinter" is quite the talent behind a kit. The Vandals mainly rely on their lyrics and not so much on the music.


and I said "hey, this sounds like The Vandals" and everyone laughed at me. He sounds like the annoying jokester friend you had but never wanted in high school.He also turns nearly everything on the album into a fag joke (something that my fans know I would never, ever do), including aforementioned "Ghost Faggot Riders In The Sky," screaming disgusting sexual nonsense throughout "Hocus Pocus" (by Focus) and changing the ending of "Urban Struggle" to "I couldn't make it as a HOMO! He just has a voice that's nice for yelling, and he's clearly comfortable speaking to a crowd. The whole thing just reeks like a pussy with green mucus coming out of it, oozing slowly down a syphilis-infected cock. The other band members get all of maybe three words in." The thing is -- it totally sounds like he's just trying to imitate Lee Ving's performance in The Decline Of Western Civilization (something that my fans know I would never, ever do). As for the punk rock excitement - the kids in the crowd are LOVIN' IT! The crowd is great, though, (all 30 of 'em) and some of Stevo's interaction is priceless: "Looks like we've got some abortion survivals in the front row." "Dachau Cabana" is way too tasteless, though.All while poking fun at everything including punk itself. This was initially two separate releases being Peace Through Vandalism and When In Rome, Do As The Vandals.

The compilation was released on Mike Ness’ Restless Records.Starting 1980 outta Huntington Beach, CA is The Vandals! They are survivors of the 1980’s hard core scene who managed to stay punk and not just give up, even after the exit of founding vocalist Stevo Jensen.


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