Ian and elena dating

As of writing, reps for "The Vampire Diaries" alums have yet to comment on the alleged dating relationship.Stay tuned to Enstars for more Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley dating news and updates!"For the last few years we thought addressing any baseless rumors with silence was the best way.Besides, who wants to respond to made up stories about 'friends backstabbing friends,' 'cheating exes,' or 'cast members exiting shows' on low-brow websites like hollywoodlife that are just perpetuating trends that preceded us. I now see that silence was taken as an opportunity to fill in the blanks with even more falsities, and juicer stories, and we, yes, WE, believe we have a moral responsibility to young girls to end that narrative," Reed added."I was a human, a vampire, a doppelganger, a crazy immortal, a doppelganger pretending to be human, a human pretending to be a doppelganger.I got kidnapped, killed, resurrected, tortured, cursed, body-snatched, was dead and undead, and there's still so much more to come before the season finale in May." She added: "I love you all. Nina Dobrev wants fans to know there are no hard feelings with Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed. Somerhalder and Reed also shared pictures with Dobrev on their respective accounts.The 28-year-old actress put rumors of a feud to rest by reuniting with Somerhalder, her ex-boyfriend and co-star, and Reed, whom the actor married in 2015, for dinner this week. The 38-year-old actor and 28-year-old actress addressed past speculation at length in their captions.

If anything, "The Vampire Diaries" spinoff is not really intriguing the fans not like Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley dating news is.

For the last few years we thought addressing any baseless rumors with silence was the best way.



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