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The 13 hour-long episodes clock in at twice the length of the audiobook, and about 25 times as long as the audio of Hannah’s tapes (which you can listen to here).

With all that screen time, as Gomez and Asher have explained, they’ve added loads of backstory (some important, some not), and plenty of new, dramatic plots that fans of the book will either love or hate.

Friends (and friends of friends) can communicate with each other via live video and texts.

Because there's no screening and the video is live, there's always the possibility of inappropriate content for children, but that will largely depend on the friends who are communicating.

Please see the policy terms, conditions and exclusions at Life

"Great Service""I have had Life Lock for several years with upgrading to Ultimate Plus within the past year.

They have thwarted attempts at my personal information twice in the past month.

I would probably have never known of these if I hadn't had Life Lock.

We dwell on the things that separate us rather than the things we have in common.Your DNA analysis is performed in US laboratories that are certified to meet CLIA standards—the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988.A CLIA-certified lab must meet certain quality standards, including qualifications for individuals who perform the test and other standards that ensure the accuracy and reliability of results.Parents should note that users can send links to their profiles on the app via a text message to whomever they want, and it's possible to take a screenshot -- even of private groups -- and share it.

Read the app's privacy policy to find about the types of information collected and shared.

This leaves him plenty of time to dramatically confront the people on the tapes about what they did (nope, that didn’t happen in the book either).


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