Fender 65 deluxe reverb reissue dating

Throughout its production, the amplifier has most often featured a Jensen C-12Q series 12-inch loudspeaker, although Oxford 12K5, Marlboro SE, Utah and Eminence speakers have also been used.

The 22-watt output was obtained by operating the 6V6 power tubes well in excess of their maximum specified operating voltage.

Over the years, many musicians have found the versatile Deluxe Reverb a perfect match for surf, rock, blues, soul, country and every music style in between.

Featuring Reverb and Vibrato, this two-channel amp has been used on thousands of recordings and countless live performance since 1963 when the first version appeared on the music scene.

The speaker is a duplicate of the original Jensen 12-inch "Specially Designed For Fender" speaker used during the 1960's.


The Fender Twin is a guitar amplifier made by Fender.I guess you could say that I am an analogue kinda girl and that things that are not quite the run of the mill apeal to me more than your generic and ordinary stuff. Every article I read says that on fender amps after 1989, the 2 letters at the beginning of the serial number denote the year and the month ... Fender amps are not dated by the serial number like their guitars are.



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