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It also says a lot about how the girls view each other. ” I ask.“Presents,” says another girl, sporting so much red lipstick it makes her look like she has been punched.“Presents,” she emphasises, noisily chewing the hell out of some gum.“So what’s better? ” There is a loud debate over the relative merits of the accolades. Either term is pretty unflattering: you are considered, in the estimation of this lot, unworthy of little else but being passed around the men as a kind of cheap sexual currency. ” I ask.“A sket will probably have more STDs,” shrieks another elaborately dressed girl. They’ve been happy enough to discuss guns (“handled ’nuff guns”), drugs (“sometimes we take them, but we mostly deal them.

As one academic told me “girls in gangs very rarely operate on the politics of a sisterhood”. The general consensus is that either one is pretty great.“So what about skets and hood rats? “A hood rat will probably have more kids.”I ask the questions to this (comparatively) tame bunch carefully. Junkie girls are always skets”) and stealing (“I was 11 during the London riots, but yeah I was there and I held some stuff”). “Do you think you might end up in a more serious gang, committing more serious crimes? ”Whether you think these girls sound like a bunch of kids play-acting a role they will probably grow out of, or an actual menace to society, the government takes them and those like them very seriously, particularly since the London riots of 2011.

She convinced her father to reject the proposal, and he encouraged her to join Action for Adolescent Girls, a girls’ empowerment programme supported by UNFPA and the Government of Niger.

The girls in this series are all members of the programme.

Action for Adolescent Girls teaches literacy and life skills.

It also raises awareness about the dangers of child marriage.


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    He then appeared as a troubled teenager in the HBO television film Life Support whereby he played the role of Amare Mc Carter. Other credits of Evan include acting in Jeff, Who Lives at Home and Crazy Sexy Coll: The TLC Story.

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    Many people who are needing help for the first time are scared and don’t know who or where to call, the 2-1-1 Outreach Specialists connect callers to the help that they need without having to navigate the system.

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    Japan punts itself as being a very “homogenous” country.

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    You just need a headphone and you can start chatting now.

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    This cemetery was organized on the 15th day of October 1889. It is located in SE corner of Section 1, Township 108, Range 69. This cemetery was organizated about 1898 by Church Members.

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