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Set on the magical coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula, WHAT MATTERS MOST is a story of love, family, misplaced loyalty and how our choices shape who we are. Finally facing reality, Mia embarks on a series of outlandish new behaviours to make startling discoveries about herself, love and life.

" /Confronting, amusing and compelling, this is a story about choices and how they shape who we become. But the lies and betrayal Mia endures are nothing compared to those of her 15 year old patient, Rachel Hooper.

"The science and psychology of falling in love inspired me to write Love By Numbers.

Science, because neuroscientists think that love, lust and bonding are the result of three separate brain circuits that can (to quite a degree) be influenced by the environment; and psychology because studies suggest who we get attracted to as adults is directly influenced by fantasies we had of the perfect parent at age five.

After 38 books overall, and this being the seventh in the Caitlin Strong series, I’m not sure inspiration is the right word but let me try to apply it.

My inspiration is always to create a great story that’s different and better in enough ways than all the other books that preceded it.

In the case of Strong Light of Day, I had read this article in the New York Times about a genetically enhanced pesticide that went terribly wrong.

The first time Miss Bryn Rutherford meets Captain Kitt Sherard he scales her balcony and kisses her breathless!


And, after years of trying to behave, she can’t help but think Kitt’s piratical wildness is just what she needs.And nothing creates better inspiration than something that scares you, because if it scares you as the writer, it’ll definitely scare the reader." "Virtually nothing!


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