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While Bella and Selena may not have been as close as the singer is with Gigi, as revealed by , there’s a lack of respect on the singer’s behalf.

Not letting a supposed friend know that Gomez is hooking up with their ex-boyfriend was the wrong way to handle the situation, the source adds.

, the 19-year-old would have expected Selena to at least have the decency to reach out and give her pal a warning about the photos that surfaced earlier this week, seeing Gomez and The Weeknd kissing and hugging one another.

Even if there wasn’t a call made to Bella Hadid, there are ways that the model would have liked to be informed about the relationship before the world did, and the fact that she had to find out about it via social media has left quite the impression on Gigi’s little sister.

For all the outlet knows, the feud between Selena and Bella is only getting started.

And fans should most certainly not think that Hadid could ever forgive Gomez for doing her dirty like that.

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