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Various potteries used an impressed 1 to 12 for the month combined with the year designation, e g. Another date form used the first letter of the month, e.g., June 1886 would be J=86; ‘Y’ was often used for July.In vertical month-year placement an alternate for the = dash was an underlined month numeral. Copeland & Sons, from about 1867 into the early 1900s, used an impressed vertical 3-digit date mark with the month letter over the last two digits of the year.However, the only definitive way to date a particular piece is to identify a pottery impress-date on the 'white ware' (the bisque-fired pottery item prior to decorating).These dates or date ciphers were added before firing as a potting date record.Some pieces also have a workman's mark in addition to the company's mark from the Spode factory that ran from 1780 to 1833.Marks on the pottery changed every time the company changed ownership.MANUFACTURE DATES (a brief discussion) Introduction The approximate or a more specific date of manufacture of many 19th century British pottery patterns is known based on the general appearance of the pottery and pattern; manufacturers’ pattern books; correspondence; registry marks; invoices; and other sources.

The history and products of the Spode factory have inspired generations of historians and collectors, and a useful interactive online exhibition was launched in October 2010.Backstamp: The Dog and The Shadow Aesops Fables Spode and printed and impressed Copeland & Garrett New Blanche.A few minor blemishes, a little wear to the outer rim and a little wear and discolouration underneath to the foot, overall excellent condition.This allowed filling sales orders in rough potting date sequence.


Unlike pharmaceutical ‘EXP.’ dates, there is no assurance regarding an impressed potting date and when an item was actually decorated with its date-attributable design.Josiah Spode is known to have worked for Thomas Whieldon from the age of 16 until he was 21.


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