Dating a kenmore sewing machine

Edward Reddig became company president in 1955, and he led an aggressive campaign of shifting manufacturing overseas, slashing domestic manufacturing and diversification.White moved heavily into appliances, tools and machinery, acquiring appliance brands such as Kelvinator (from American Motors), Gibson, Philco (from Ford Motor Company/GTE) and Franklin.I suspect there would be a lot of happy vintage kenmore 158 owners. Chris I'm just throwing this in here for anyone looking for this info in the future.I purchased a pdf copy of the original user and service manuals for my 158.17810 from Sewing Educational Warehouse at prices were reasonable, about for the user manual and for the service manual, with instant download after payment. Your expert will follow up and verify this information shortly.

I can't help you with repair, parts or dating or giving you an estimate on the value of your machine.

Here's an article listing the Top 5 Best Vintage Singer Models, and many people who collect and sew with vintage Singer machines do love and seek out these particular models.

There were a small handful of manufacturers who made "generic" machines in the mid 20th Century (like the Morse pictured above).

In 1906 the automotive venture was spun off as its own company, the White Motor Company.

By the early 1950s, however, White was losing money amid a flood of cheaper imported sewing machines and the loss of a supplier contract from Sears, which had represented 40 percent of White's business.

Unfortunately, Sears no longer has the hard copy of the manual available for digital download or sale.


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