Dating 101 sydney


Our brains are incredibly efficient in processing new information at a moments notice, without us having to even think about it.We usually can get a "feel" of what a person is like in a short amount of time, so within 5 minutes, you will know whether or not you've found your match.& Relationship Network is an owner managed boutique business with over 20 years of experience in introducing genuine men and women seeking long term relationships.We can tailor make your membership using our unique approach together with your needs and your expectations.3) The Sydney Mint built between 18 is the oldest public building in the Sydney Central Business District.4) It is the capital of Australia's ICT industry, with 76 per cent of Australia's ICT regional headquarters and operating centres located in NSW.

Since convict transportation ended in the mid-19th century, the city has transformed from a colonial outpost into a major global cultural and economic centre.

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Sydney receives over 10 million international and domestic visitors each year for its beaches and attractions.

Here are 50 interesting facts I picked up while in Sydney to share with travellers and locals who may find them interesting to share with family and friends.


2) It is the 12th most expensive city with property prices averaging USD8,717 per square metre.The dating agency is a matchmaking site that can help you find your perfect match.


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