Custom membershipprovider onvalidatingpassword 100 free chat no emial needed

Note: If you are not familiar with the membership features of ASP.

NET, see Introduction to Membership before continuing.

NET membership is designed to enable you to easily use a number of different membership providers for your ASP. You can use the supplied membership providers that are included with the .

NET Framework, or you can implement your own provider.

NET-/ Mongodb Membership Provider (Teun Duynstee) Custom Membership Provider On Validating Password question My SQL Connector (for Unit Tests) Thanks: Special thanks to Craig Wilson for his Fluent Mongo Linq provider.

There are many times when the Membership Provider and its underlying database construction aren’t sufficient enough for our needs.


NET Membership and Role Providers for Mongo DB Motivation: This project was originally part of the Mongo WSAT project but was split out so that users of Mongo WSAT don't have to include the Mongo Provider and Mongo Provider. This also prevents issues regarding the licensing (see below). The reason the rest of this project can remain non-GPL'd is due to the FOSS exception as described here: Dependencies: All dependencies are included but you may wish to refresh with Nu Get to get the latest versions.

You can use the provider to either authenticate users for the frontend and the backend of the website.


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