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Seven months later, in July 2015, prosecutors submitted charges against 14 Muslims — including Moussa — from Pazardjik and nearby Plovdiv, Asenovgrad and Startsevo, accusing them of inciting religious hatred through their own preaching and of promoting war by spreading ISIS propaganda.

Mit Paaren war dann innerhalb von ein paar tausend Jahren eben nichts mehr.This month, Germany has spent an undisclosed amount of money on advertising campaigns in traditional and online media to dissuade would-be migrants in western Balkan states from seeking a new life in the country.The effort has parallels with a government campaign in Denmark that has tried to convince "economic migrants" that they aren't welcome.Germany's migration agency is taking out newspaper and online ads warning would-be refugees - especially from the Balkans - against seeking asylum in Germany.


Experts say the approach will likely have little effect.At about 6 a.m., paramilitary police in armoured cars rolled through the muddy streets and heavily armed, masked agents raided various buildings including the Ebu Bekir mosque.


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