Are deena and pauly d dating intimidating sports quotes


For as much privacy as she forfeited, Cortese says there was something else she kept hidden: a struggle with mental illness. 12, 1987 AGE: 27 CLAIM TO FAME: "Jersey Shore" SIGNATURE SAYINGS/PHRASES: "Lean Cuisines," "backpacks," "walking holiday," "get real," "Merp" WEBSITE: 2012, when the hit reality series wrapped, Cortese returned to Monmouth County with normalcy in mind. But the 27-year-old has returned to reality TV, showing America she has parted with her partying ways and is ready to settle down.

Instead of a seat on the sand, Cortese, and her boyfriend of three years, Chris Buckner, have opted for the therapist's couch on VH1's "Couples Therapy." Cortese says "Couples Therapy" gave her the opportunity to address some of the personal issues she kept hidden while on "Jersey Shore." The cast of the "Jersey Shore" at a 2012 event.

Deena and Snooki decide to get black-out drunk and have a meatball day for Vinny.

So, they throw on their furry boots and squeeze into their dresses like they’re stuffing a sausage casing.

From left, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Paul "Pauly D" Del Vecchio, Deena Cortese, Vinny Guadagnino, Ronald "Ronnie" Magro, Sammi Giancola and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

"I felt very comfortable and didn't feel like I had to put on a good show.

G-Yanni asks Snooki if she loves Vinny, and Sam and Ron are quiet, just as they're instructed to be by the show's producers.

The next morning, everyone’s still talking about Vinny, like he died or something.


My gracious host Steve on the other hand is not so lucky as you probably know, so if you enjoy this site at all, head over to the main page and drop him a buck or two if you can.She's holding her boyfriend's hand and as she walks by me ... Paul 'DJ Pauly D' Del Vecchio An aspiring DJ, Pauly began spinning tunes at the age of 16. Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola In the reality show's opening, Sammi reveals that she is "the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet." What a sweetheart, indeed.Season 4 of the 'Jersey Shore' kicks off Thursday, August 4th at 10pm on MTV.In her "Jersey Shore" days, Deena Cortese was never starved for company.

The New Egypt native and gal pal to fellow self-proclaimed "meatball" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, spent most of those summers surrounded — her every move framed by MTV's cameras, always flanked by her housemates, hordes of fans and Seaside Heights stragglers.In a show of solidarity, I actually donated 100% of the proceeds from this recap column to his defense fund.


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